Outdoor Competition Hobbies

For everyone who has a competitive side and appreciates a good physical challenge, Outdoor Competition hobbies are quite likely the best hobby for you. They don't necessarily require you to get sweaty, either. A classic round of Golf or even firing off a quiver of arrows on the archery range would both qualify as outdoor competition, even if a game of football is what first comes to mind.

Most notable for physical excersion & competing against others, this type of hobby is not for everyone, at least not throughout their whole lifetimes... But it is very well suited for those trying to lose weight or keep in shape.

The list of our blogs below is not a complete list of these hobbies yet, but it grows all the time and should be taken as a starting point for you to find just the right hobby to match your needs and personality.


  • Go Karting

    Go Karting is a an inexpensive way to race, and go-karts themselves are very safe comparred to other ways to make you feel the speed. We help you find the best deals on all Go Karts and parts online!


  • Disc Golf

    Disc Golf is the most classic outdoor sport that isn't yet fully established. We help you find all the best Disc Golfing gear at great prices.


  • Archery

    Archery is one of the most fulfilling hobbies for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants to develop a useful skill there. You can even use it to catch your dinner! We have found the best deals on all kinds of archery equipment and have them all here for you on this site.


  • Airsoft (Realistic warfare with plastic BBs)

    Airsoft Alley is a blog and shopping comparisson engine for everyone who enjoys a realistic game of tag. We've found the best deals on protective gear, BBs, and airsoft guns, both spring-loaded and gas powered.


  • Golfing

    Golf is easily one of the very most popular and enjoyed sports in the whole world. It does take some good golfing equipment to play, however, so we've found all the best deals for you here.